Splatter Galaxies


During my unit on SPACE I had my kiddos make “Splatter Galaxies”.  To make these, we provided several colors of tempera paint and black construction paper.  (One year, I used neon paint but felt they looked better using regular colors.) I also provided paint brushes and they got to flick the paint on the paper, then sprinkle some glitter.  (Everything looks better with glitter right?????)  I also had music on and some of the students danced while splattering paint.  Some boys even pretended to be ninjas!

OK…now I need to give you some tips I learned the HARD way.

1.  One child at a time.

2.  Cover ALL surfaces…and I mean EVERYTHING!  I “forgot” to pull the chairs away from the table and you can just imagine what happened.

3.  If you can do it outside, that would be so much better!

4.  Just keep repeating “less is more kiddos, less is more!” I mean some of them were not just splattered, they were covered in paint! 🙂

All I have left to say is that they had so much fun and wanted to keep doing it every week.


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