I love winter because…

2012-12-09-298 2012-12-09-299I absolutely love this board!  The kiddos loved making their special mugs out of construction paper rectangles.  I prepared different colored A4 paper and cut out handle shapes.  The students got to choose whatever color they wanted.  Some chose the same color for the handles while others decided to use a different one.  I then laid out all, and I mean ALL the craft supplies I had stored in my cupboards and the kiddos went wild.  I then had them write down why they like winter.  I cut up the letters “I like winter because…” and added it to the board.  My friend Tina made the light bulbs and generously gave them to me (no begging needed).  She cut out light bulbs out of paper and glued glitter on the ends.  Since I made this board around Christmas time, it helped make the hallways look festive.


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