Peace One Day

2012-09-20-274Peace in preschool can be a hard concept to grasp at such a young age.  We talked about sharing and working together ‘peacefully’, making friends and helping each other.  The children enjoyed sharing the different ways they help and be ‘peaceful’. After discussing what the word peace means to them we decided to make this huge peace sign and work together as a class to decorate it using scrap pieces of bulletin board paper.  Firstly the students were given big squares of different colors and asked to rip them into smaller squares and glue them on randomly all over the peace sign.  We worked in groups of 4 until it was completely covered.  I used while glue and small paint brushed.  I had them paint the glue on the peace sign and then glue the small squares.  I found that this was easier and less messy than using glue sticks.  Plus it helped make the paper stiff once it dried, which made it easier to hang in our hallway.  Happy Peace One Day!


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