There are witches in the air…

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHALLOWEEN!  One of my favorite celebrations in the year.  After learning the  “Five Little Pumpkins” song, we decided to make these flying witches.  I know its not a bulletin board but I still decided to share it with you!  We painted paper bags using green paint.  As you can see, some of my students were more enthusiastic than others.  I tried to encourage them to paint it all and not leave white spaces.  I also had them paint both side of a large paper plate black for the hat.  After the bag was dry the kiddos stuffed them using scrap paper from our recycle box and added googly eyes (my favorite!), a mouth and spooky nose using markers.  I then made cones and glued them on the paper plates.  The children cut yarn for hair, glued it on the bag and then I helped them staple the hat on the bag.  This is a week long project, but it is worth it once you see them hanging in the hallway. Trust me! 🙂


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