The children are becoming young readers and writers, and this board showcases the friendship books they worked on. Each book has four pages:

Page 1: My name is ……. (The child writes their name and draws a picture of them self) At this age some children can write at least some letters in their names, others can write their full name.

Page 2: This is my friend, ………( The child chooses a special friend and draws their picture) at this age the teacher writes what the child dictates to her.

Page 3: We like to …… (The child tells the teacher what activity they enjoy doing with their friend and draws a picture) at this age the teacher writes for the child.

Page 4: There is a friendship poem on the last page.

Cover Page: My Friendship Book  By ( child’s name) is printed, cut, and glued construction paper.

The Board:

For this board, I put up blue butcher paper for the background, then I cut out grass from green butcher paper and added it to the board. Next, I stapled up two strands of yarn at each side of the board to create two clothes lines and added pegs to hold the books. After everything is on the board(including the kids’ books)  the final thing to do is put up the border (never put up a border first). Oh, and I added a big bright sun.


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