I love this winter board! I made the umbrellas and heading last year and laminated them so that I can reuse them. For the background, I put up blue paper and a snowflake border. I made the umbrellas out of white butcher paper and Tamara, my wonderful assistant,  painted them bright colors. The children cut out a rain boot each (a  fine motor activity ) and decorated them with spangles( their favorite messy activity). I stapled three large puddles and raindrops to the board and added the kids’ boots.

Another one of my obsessions is making everything 3D:) For winter, the children made raindrops. They cut out two raindrop templates and painted them blue. Once dry, we stapled the raindrops together, and the children stuffed them with scrapes of paper. When all the raindrops were ready we hung them in our hallway.




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