Pumpkins sitting on a gate


Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations in the classroom.  For this board I had the students paint a large paper plate using orange paint.  If you are in a hurry for them to dry use sponges, otherwise just use paint brushes.  Once the plates are dry, give the students black paper and have them draw the eyes, mouth, etc… or depending on their skills you can also give them pre-cut shapes to use or pre-drawn shapes for them to cut out.  Have them glue them on the paper plate and add a stem using construction paper or pipe cleaners.

To put the board together:

For the background:

I like to use black bulletin board paper to cover the board but I have occasionally used brown for the dirt or green for grass.  You decide.

For the fence:

I measured and cut out two long strips of brown bulletin board paper to fit the length of my board.  I stapled one at the bottom and then cut out strips with pointy ends to make the fence.  The easiest way to do this is to fold a large piece of brown bulletin board paper in half again and again and cut them all at once.  (am I making sense?)  This way they will all look the same.  Staple them on and then add the last long strip at the top.

For the pumpkins:

Staple the pumpkins on the fence or on the ground behind or in front of the fence.  I then use green bulletin board paper strips that I scrunch up to make the vine.

Depending on how big your bulletin board is, cut out a moon out of yellow or white construction paper and staple it to the side or even in the center behind the pumpkins.


Depending on how big my bulletin board is, I sometimes make extra vines and use it as a border.  The bulletin board in the picture was too small and my board would have looked too busy.



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