If My Dinosaur Could Talk…

image_3“Dinosaurs” is one of my favorite themes!  For this board I gave the students different shapes cut up from construction paper.  I had them make their dinosaurs.  You may notice some decided to make long necks while others decided to use spikes on their backs.  I left them to decide.  You can get ideas off the internet for different kinds of dinosaurs.  I then gave them pre-cut speech bubbles that I printed off the computer using Word.  I think you can also find them on the internet.  I had them imagine what their dinosaur would say if they could talk.  Some students used their knowledge about a particular dinosaur (I like to eat meat/ I am a carnivore) others said things like (I wish I could play soccer). Again, I let them decide. 

For the board I put up black bulletin board paper (you could also use blue but I decided to make it night).  I then put brown at the bottom for the ground (it can also be green) and cut it wavy to look uneven.  I sometimes rip the paper or you can also use scissors.  I then made a palm tree.  Tina taught me that if you staple the palm leaves to look bumpy, it looks better, giving it a 3D effect.  I recommend that you laminate the palm tree pieces to use again for different boards.  I then stapled the dinosaurs randomly on the board and added the speech bubbles.  For the title, I cut out the words “If My Dinosaur Could Talk…”.  For the border I thought it would be cute to cut out colored speech bubbles and staple them around the board. 

Love this board!


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