Surfing Into PK2!

Surfing into PK2

I saw this board somewhere on the internet 2 years ago and changed it to look like this.  I started by putting up blue bulletin board paper for the sky, then I added brown for the sand.  I cut it using scissors to make it wavy but it also looks great if you rip it.  If you want to get fancy you can also spread glue on the brown paper and sprinkle some beach sand.  I then added a long strip of darker blue bulletin paper for the waves.  This is optional.

I found  whale cut out from my under the sea theme and added him in the background.

I cut out surf boards out of construction paper and printed out their names using word.

I added a tree (if you look closely, I have used this tree on other boards).

I added flip flops made from construction paper.  You can also add real ones if you wish.

For the clouds I decided to make them puffy by scrunching white construction paper and shaping it into a cloud.  I then added the letters ‘Surfing into PK2’ and added a sun.

This board is quick and easy to put together, and parents love seeing it.



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