Surfing Into PK2!

Surfing into PK2

I saw this board somewhere on the internet 2 years ago and changed it to look like this.  I started by putting up blue bulletin board paper for the sky, then I added brown for the sand.  I cut it using scissors to make it wavy but it also looks great if you rip it.  If you want to get fancy you can also spread glue on the brown paper and sprinkle some beach sand.  I then added a long strip of darker blue bulletin paper for the waves.  This is optional.

I found  whale cut out from my under the sea theme and added him in the background.

I cut out surf boards out of construction paper and printed out their names using word.

I added a tree (if you look closely, I have used this tree on other boards).

I added flip flops made from construction paper.  You can also add real ones if you wish.

For the clouds I decided to make them puffy by scrunching white construction paper and shaping it into a cloud.  I then added the letters ‘Surfing into PK2’ and added a sun.

This board is quick and easy to put together, and parents love seeing it.



Dinosaur Eggs

image_12OK, this is not really a bulletin board but I decided to share this idea.  I gave my students inflated balloons and they used a mixture of watered down white glue and newspaper cuttings to cover their balloon.  Once it dried (next day) I had them put another layer using white bulletin board paper strips.  Once it dried, I had them paint their eggs any color.  We then made a nest using brown bulletin board paper and placed all the eggs inside.  I then cut out the words “Dinosaur Eggs”.

Super cute!

If My Dinosaur Could Talk…

image_3“Dinosaurs” is one of my favorite themes!  For this board I gave the students different shapes cut up from construction paper.  I had them make their dinosaurs.  You may notice some decided to make long necks while others decided to use spikes on their backs.  I left them to decide.  You can get ideas off the internet for different kinds of dinosaurs.  I then gave them pre-cut speech bubbles that I printed off the computer using Word.  I think you can also find them on the internet.  I had them imagine what their dinosaur would say if they could talk.  Some students used their knowledge about a particular dinosaur (I like to eat meat/ I am a carnivore) others said things like (I wish I could play soccer). Again, I let them decide. 

For the board I put up black bulletin board paper (you could also use blue but I decided to make it night).  I then put brown at the bottom for the ground (it can also be green) and cut it wavy to look uneven.  I sometimes rip the paper or you can also use scissors.  I then made a palm tree.  Tina taught me that if you staple the palm leaves to look bumpy, it looks better, giving it a 3D effect.  I recommend that you laminate the palm tree pieces to use again for different boards.  I then stapled the dinosaurs randomly on the board and added the speech bubbles.  For the title, I cut out the words “If My Dinosaur Could Talk…”.  For the border I thought it would be cute to cut out colored speech bubbles and staple them around the board. 

Love this board!

Pumpkins sitting on a gate


Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations in the classroom.  For this board I had the students paint a large paper plate using orange paint.  If you are in a hurry for them to dry use sponges, otherwise just use paint brushes.  Once the plates are dry, give the students black paper and have them draw the eyes, mouth, etc… or depending on their skills you can also give them pre-cut shapes to use or pre-drawn shapes for them to cut out.  Have them glue them on the paper plate and add a stem using construction paper or pipe cleaners.

To put the board together:

For the background:

I like to use black bulletin board paper to cover the board but I have occasionally used brown for the dirt or green for grass.  You decide.

For the fence:

I measured and cut out two long strips of brown bulletin board paper to fit the length of my board.  I stapled one at the bottom and then cut out strips with pointy ends to make the fence.  The easiest way to do this is to fold a large piece of brown bulletin board paper in half again and again and cut them all at once.  (am I making sense?)  This way they will all look the same.  Staple them on and then add the last long strip at the top.

For the pumpkins:

Staple the pumpkins on the fence or on the ground behind or in front of the fence.  I then use green bulletin board paper strips that I scrunch up to make the vine.

Depending on how big your bulletin board is, cut out a moon out of yellow or white construction paper and staple it to the side or even in the center behind the pumpkins.


Depending on how big my bulletin board is, I sometimes make extra vines and use it as a border.  The bulletin board in the picture was too small and my board would have looked too busy.


All About Me Shapes


At the beginning of the year we have an orientation day where out new students come with their parents to visit the classroom and meet their teachers.  I have them choose a pre-cut shape and ask them to decorate them with pictures that represent themselves.  They usually put things like their flag, favorite food, pictures of their family, their favorite toy, etc…  The first week of school we have them share their shape with the class and if they want to they can talk about themselves.  I hang them up in the hallway for a few weeks and then I use them to decorate the cupboards in our classroom for the rest of the year.  They love looking at them throughout the year!

There are witches in the air…

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHALLOWEEN!  One of my favorite celebrations in the year.  After learning the  “Five Little Pumpkins” song, we decided to make these flying witches.  I know its not a bulletin board but I still decided to share it with you!  We painted paper bags using green paint.  As you can see, some of my students were more enthusiastic than others.  I tried to encourage them to paint it all and not leave white spaces.  I also had them paint both side of a large paper plate black for the hat.  After the bag was dry the kiddos stuffed them using scrap paper from our recycle box and added googly eyes (my favorite!), a mouth and spooky nose using markers.  I then made cones and glued them on the paper plates.  The children cut yarn for hair, glued it on the bag and then I helped them staple the hat on the bag.  This is a week long project, but it is worth it once you see them hanging in the hallway. Trust me! 🙂

Peace One Day

2012-09-20-274Peace in preschool can be a hard concept to grasp at such a young age.  We talked about sharing and working together ‘peacefully’, making friends and helping each other.  The children enjoyed sharing the different ways they help and be ‘peaceful’. After discussing what the word peace means to them we decided to make this huge peace sign and work together as a class to decorate it using scrap pieces of bulletin board paper.  Firstly the students were given big squares of different colors and asked to rip them into smaller squares and glue them on randomly all over the peace sign.  We worked in groups of 4 until it was completely covered.  I used while glue and small paint brushed.  I had them paint the glue on the peace sign and then glue the small squares.  I found that this was easier and less messy than using glue sticks.  Plus it helped make the paper stiff once it dried, which made it easier to hang in our hallway.  Happy Peace One Day!