DSC08672 - CopyDSC03599I looooooove this fireplace. I began making 3D fireplaces years ago when I was an assistant. One day, the teacher I was working with wished for a 3D fireplace and I said ” Your wish is my command!”, well maybe not in those words but I was on a mission.

In the first picture, the fireplace is mounted on the bulletin bored.I used only the lids of the boxes for this one. Empty tissue boxes will work too.

In the second picture, the fireplace is placed on the floor.


Empty boxes with lids.                        Red, brown, and black butcher paper.                                        Yellow, red, and orange tissue paper.  3 empty paper towel rolls painted brown.                                                 White or brown paint.

What to do:

Well…I went hunting for empty boxes and remembered that the photocopying paper packets come in boxes. So, I emptied 9 boxes and dragged them with the lids to my classroom. The lids of the boxes are for the mantelpiece so put them to the side.

  1. Place the boxes in the shape of a fireplace. Make sure you have the middle, bottom box face the opposite way of all the other boxes.
  2. Use a glue gun to glue the sides of the boxes together.
  3. Cover the closed side of the boxes with red butcher paper leaving the middle, bottom box empty. Don’t forget the sides.
  4. Cover the empty box with black butcher paper.
  5. Paint white or brown rectangles of various sizes on the red butcher paper to create bricks.
  6. Cut flames out of the tissue paper and glue them to the logs ( brown paper towel rolls). I sometimes glue craft sticks to the back of the flames to make them stay up. It is up to you on how you would like to place the logs in the fireplace.
  7. Now for the mantelpiece; glue the sides of the lids together with a glue gun. When the glue is dry, cover the closed part of the lids with brown butcher paper. Again, do not forget the sides.
  8. Use the glue gun to glue the mantelpiece to the fireplace.

You can use fireplaces around Christmas time or for a winter scene.




IMG00413-20101007-1051A great board to introduce your student’s in the beginning of the year.

I put up this board when I was an assistant in KG. I am not sure why I used orange for the background but I think black will look much better.

Anyway, all you need to do is draw a large spaceship and cut out one star for each of your students. Type out their names and glue them on various bright-colored construction paper ( the bright colors will look cool against the black background) then staple them under or over the stars. I would leave the stars empty until the students start school then take their pictures and glue each picture in each star.



Who am I?This is a super simple board that showcases the student’s work.

Cover the back with yellow and use a fun border with children on it to go around the board.

In class, the children work on

making a paper plate that will resemble their faces. While looking into the a mirror ,they focus on hair and eye color. Once the paper plate is done the student’s are asked a number of questions and to follow are the answers which are written on a piece of paper and used to cover the paper plate faces.

  1. I have        hair.
  2. I have        eyes.
  3. My favorite color is      .
  4. Who am I?

For older children you may want to ask other questions.

These are great guessing game for when parents drop off and pick up their kids from school.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look Who’s in Our Room


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Look Who's in Our Room

Now who does not like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! I saw this idea on the internet and loved it. I tweaked it by using black butcher paper for the backdrop to make the letters pop which I think it did.
For the tree, I cut three various sized pieces of brown bulletin board paper and stapled them on top of each other to create the bark of the tree. For the leaves, I cut five separate leaves and layered them in a way to create the top part of a tree.

I used the die-cut machine to cut the first letter in each child’s name and printed out the rest of their names. The beginning letters were glued to the names and stapled around the board.

The title was made by using the die-cut machine to cut out yellow letters. As always I glue each word on construction paper and laminate it to keep for the next year.

Ramadan Mubarak

This is a very easy board that I put up when I was an assistant in KG. The children’s artwork looked so great that I did not have to add much to the board. They cut out various geometric shapes then pasted them to create a mosque and made paper lanterns. I thought the orange would be a nice background for the board and added a moon and star with the words Ramadan Mubarak on them.

IMG00344-20100907-1138 IMG00340-20100907-0850For preschool, I would probably have the children decorate the lanterns with glitter and sequins.

Popping Names



I made this board once at the beginning of the year and the next year I made it to showcase the children’s name writing                                                                               skills.

All you need to do is make popcorn shapes; you will need one for each child and a bunch of other pieces to fill the bucket. Make a big popcorn bucket from white butcher paper and  paint red stripes on it. I think that blue is a great color for the background.

If you do this board for the beginning of the year, type and print out the children’s names and paste each name on a popcorn shape. But if you do it during the year, then have the children write their own names on the popcorn pieces.

And now put the board together!

The Brightest Crayons in the Box


I got the idea for this board from the internet but added a little twist to it. Before putting up the board, it is best to prepare the crayon box, crayons, and title.

  1. I made a 3D crayon box by using small box lids ( empty tissue boxes should work too). Place the boxes in the shape of a crayon box then tape them together. Cover it with yellow butcher paper and draw the details to resemble a box of crayons. The top part is made of butcher paper and it is taped to the box. I also add a thin piece of paper along the bottom of the box which is stapled to the board.
  2. Make a crayon for each child and remember to use various vibrant colors. Type and print out the children’s names to paste to the crayons. Don’t forget to laminate them!
  3. Use the die cut machine to cut out the title. I used yellow for the title because it looks great against the black. Paste the words on black paper and laminate them.                                                                                                                                                     Now it is time to put the board together. The best color to use for the background is black. After putting up the black butcher paper, staple the top and bottom of the crayon box to one side of the board and the title on the other side. Scatter the children’s crayons around the title. Don’t forget the boarder!