DSC08672 - CopyDSC03599I looooooove this fireplace. I began making 3D fireplaces years ago when I was an assistant. One day, the teacher I was working with wished for a 3D fireplace and I said ” Your wish is my command!”, well maybe not in those words but I was on a mission.

In the first picture, the fireplace is mounted on the bulletin bored.I used only the lids of the boxes for this one. Empty tissue boxes will work too.

In the second picture, the fireplace is placed on the floor.


Empty boxes with lids.                        Red, brown, and black butcher paper.                                        Yellow, red, and orange tissue paper.  3 empty paper towel rolls painted brown.                                                 White or brown paint.

What to do:

Well…I went hunting for empty boxes and remembered that the photocopying paper packets come in boxes. So, I emptied 9 boxes and dragged them with the lids to my classroom. The lids of the boxes are for the mantelpiece so put them to the side.

  1. Place the boxes in the shape of a fireplace. Make sure you have the middle, bottom box face the opposite way of all the other boxes.
  2. Use a glue gun to glue the sides of the boxes together.
  3. Cover the closed side of the boxes with red butcher paper leaving the middle, bottom box empty. Don’t forget the sides.
  4. Cover the empty box with black butcher paper.
  5. Paint white or brown rectangles of various sizes on the red butcher paper to create bricks.
  6. Cut flames out of the tissue paper and glue them to the logs ( brown paper towel rolls). I sometimes glue craft sticks to the back of the flames to make them stay up. It is up to you on how you would like to place the logs in the fireplace.
  7. Now for the mantelpiece; glue the sides of the lids together with a glue gun. When the glue is dry, cover the closed part of the lids with brown butcher paper. Again, do not forget the sides.
  8. Use the glue gun to glue the mantelpiece to the fireplace.

You can use fireplaces around Christmas time or for a winter scene.



Ramadan Mubarak

This is a very easy board that I put up when I was an assistant in KG. The children’s artwork looked so great that I did not have to add much to the board. They cut out various geometric shapes then pasted them to create a mosque and made paper lanterns. I thought the orange would be a nice background for the board and added a moon and star with the words Ramadan Mubarak on them.

IMG00344-20100907-1138 IMG00340-20100907-0850For preschool, I would probably have the children decorate the lanterns with glitter and sequins.

Pumpkins sitting on a gate


Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations in the classroom.  For this board I had the students paint a large paper plate using orange paint.  If you are in a hurry for them to dry use sponges, otherwise just use paint brushes.  Once the plates are dry, give the students black paper and have them draw the eyes, mouth, etc… or depending on their skills you can also give them pre-cut shapes to use or pre-drawn shapes for them to cut out.  Have them glue them on the paper plate and add a stem using construction paper or pipe cleaners.

To put the board together:

For the background:

I like to use black bulletin board paper to cover the board but I have occasionally used brown for the dirt or green for grass.  You decide.

For the fence:

I measured and cut out two long strips of brown bulletin board paper to fit the length of my board.  I stapled one at the bottom and then cut out strips with pointy ends to make the fence.  The easiest way to do this is to fold a large piece of brown bulletin board paper in half again and again and cut them all at once.  (am I making sense?)  This way they will all look the same.  Staple them on and then add the last long strip at the top.

For the pumpkins:

Staple the pumpkins on the fence or on the ground behind or in front of the fence.  I then use green bulletin board paper strips that I scrunch up to make the vine.

Depending on how big your bulletin board is, cut out a moon out of yellow or white construction paper and staple it to the side or even in the center behind the pumpkins.


Depending on how big my bulletin board is, I sometimes make extra vines and use it as a border.  The bulletin board in the picture was too small and my board would have looked too busy.


There are witches in the air…

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHALLOWEEN!  One of my favorite celebrations in the year.  After learning the  “Five Little Pumpkins” song, we decided to make these flying witches.  I know its not a bulletin board but I still decided to share it with you!  We painted paper bags using green paint.  As you can see, some of my students were more enthusiastic than others.  I tried to encourage them to paint it all and not leave white spaces.  I also had them paint both side of a large paper plate black for the hat.  After the bag was dry the kiddos stuffed them using scrap paper from our recycle box and added googly eyes (my favorite!), a mouth and spooky nose using markers.  I then made cones and glued them on the paper plates.  The children cut yarn for hair, glued it on the bag and then I helped them staple the hat on the bag.  This is a week long project, but it is worth it once you see them hanging in the hallway. Trust me! 🙂

Peace One Day

2012-09-20-274Peace in preschool can be a hard concept to grasp at such a young age.  We talked about sharing and working together ‘peacefully’, making friends and helping each other.  The children enjoyed sharing the different ways they help and be ‘peaceful’. After discussing what the word peace means to them we decided to make this huge peace sign and work together as a class to decorate it using scrap pieces of bulletin board paper.  Firstly the students were given big squares of different colors and asked to rip them into smaller squares and glue them on randomly all over the peace sign.  We worked in groups of 4 until it was completely covered.  I used while glue and small paint brushed.  I had them paint the glue on the peace sign and then glue the small squares.  I found that this was easier and less messy than using glue sticks.  Plus it helped make the paper stiff once it dried, which made it easier to hang in our hallway.  Happy Peace One Day!

Spooky Haunted House

DSC_0120For Halloween this year we decided to make this board.  My amazing assistant used black construction paper to cut out the haunted house.  She also cut out windows and used yellow tissue paper to make it look like the lights were on.  We cut up some bats, a spooky tree and the kiddos made hand print ghosts that we placed around the board.  Last year we made foot print ghosts, but we decided to make them out of hand prints this year because I had a couple of students that were not keen on placing their feet in paint!  We added pumpkins and it looked AMAZING!!!!!!

Valentine’s Day Door Display

1607e9cd03bfe631650e1a474f83996fEach child was asked to cut out two hearts. Then, they decorated one heart with glitter and sequins( the messy activity we all love), and as a group the kids described their friends with one word. The words were typed out and glued on the other heart. The hearts were stapled together and displayed on our class door.