This is a simple and easy ┬áto make board. We cut an ocean out of butcher paper and sponge painted it blue. Once dry, it was stapled to the board. The kid’s artwork brought the board to life. They made:

Submarines: The children cut out yellow submarines and worked on gluing the letters in their names in the right order.

Sailboats: The children colored half a paper plate, cut our the sails, and put he sailboat together.



Pre-K 1 is on the Move

DSC_0078Transportation For this board, we put up blue paper for the background, prepared the road and buildings in advance. I laminated the buildings and road to reuse every year. Then we added the kid’s art work.

The cars are just a template that the kids had to cut out and add wheels.

The trains around the board is one of my favorite activities. We precut the trains and glued letters on each boxcar. The kids had to glue the train together in the right order to make their names. They used craft sticks for tracks and sponge painted smoke.