Who am I?This is a super simple board that showcases the student’s work.

Cover the back with yellow and use a fun border with children on it to go around the board.

In class, the children work on

making a paper plate that will resemble their faces. While looking into the a mirror ,they focus on hair and eye color. Once the paper plate is done the student’s are asked a number of questions and to follow are the answers which are written on a piece of paper and used to cover the paper plate faces.

  1. I have        hair.
  2. I have        eyes.
  3. My favorite color is      .
  4. Who am I?

For older children you may want to ask other questions.

These are great guessing game for when parents drop off and pick up their kids from school.


All About Me Shapes


At the beginning of the year we have an orientation day where out new students come with their parents to visit the classroom and meet their teachers.  I have them choose a pre-cut shape and ask them to decorate them with pictures that represent themselves.  They usually put things like their flag, favorite food, pictures of their family, their favorite toy, etc…  The first week of school we have them share their shape with the class and if they want to they can talk about themselves.  I hang them up in the hallway for a few weeks and then I use them to decorate the cupboards in our classroom for the rest of the year.  They love looking at them throughout the year!


photo 1

photo 2I saw this idea somewhere but changed it to use for my Healthy Me theme in class.  We discussed ways we keep our bodies safe and then the children shared a time when they hurt themselves.  We had them color a body outline and then add a band aid of their choice where they hurt themselves.  Afterwards I had them write it down on their picture.  After displaying them on our bulletin board and showing off our amazing writing skills, I turned the artwork into a class book.  They love to sit and read it during quiet time and I even had a couple of students ask to take it home to share with their family.