Tips & Tricks

We have been putting up bulletin boards for many years and have learned, the hard way, some tricks that will make the whole process easier. We would like to share these tips and tricks with you:

  1.  When putting up butcher paper as the background of your board, it is a lot easier to trim the edges with a cutter. You can also measure your board with a meter ruler so that you can cut the right size of paper. Less trimming needed. 
  2. Nadia prefers to put up the butcher paper vertically while I prefer horizontally. Either way works. It is up to you!
  3. The border is always the final stage of putting up bulletin boards.
  4. If you do not have a border to match the theme of your board, just choose any border you have and use the back. Now you have a white border 🙂 Or you can make your own by scrunching and twisting butcher paper ( Nadia will post her dinosaur board where she used a scrunched border).
  5. To protect your borders, you can laminate them. Also, what do you do when you have extra border hanging from your board? You are probably tempted to CUT it off! That is what we used to do, until Nadia figured out that overlapping the borders does the trick and leaves you with your original sized borders for the next board.
  6. We use a die cutting machine for our board headings. Once we cut out the letters we need, we glue each word on construction paper and laminate them. This is a great way to protect your headings and for reusing every year.
  7. After you put the background up and you are ready to add details to your board, always begin with the large pieces. Leave your student’s work til the end. It is their work that brings the board together.

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